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A Division of Swim & Trim LLC and sister company of
All Pool Demolition
80 West Street
Midland Park, NJ 07432
(201) 652-9223


In the past, we only offered Wet Sandblasting services to the pool trade. In 2006 we began to offer it to homeowners and commercial pool operators who wish to repaint their pools.

Pictures of our crew in action cleaning a 1600 SFT water surface pool of paint in Hoboken, NJ.

We have cleaned many pools in excess of 10,000 SFT.

prepare for sandblasting  setting up to wet sandblast swimming pool  swimming pool sandblasting
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actual pool wet sandblasting  finishing wet sandblasting for swimming pool

Our objective is to get all the surface paint off and 90% of the imbedded paint. We have never had a complaint!
 Dry sandblasting is illegal in New Jersey as the dust blows all over polluting the entire area. Full tenting or WET sandblasting is allowed. We use WET Ebony Grit Media because it is so much neater and cleaner than sand. We donít use sand because it fractures, is harmful and blows around. Ebony is a much denser, heavier material and environmental friendly.
 The entire area surrounding the pool is tarped and even buildings if they are close to the pool. See the hanging tarps in the picture? After we finish WET Ebony Grit blasting we clean up and take the waste media away, wash the pool and sweep the pool deck and surrounding area. The pool is ready to paint as soon as it dries.
 We have been providing painting services to commercial pools we blast since 2006.
 We limit our service to Northern half of New Jersey, Rockland and Westchester Counties NY so that we can finish in one day. Of course larger pools can take an entire week so that limitation does not apply to large commercial pools.
For INDOOR POOLS we offer a service that masks and tapes the entire pool room or whatever is necessary, In addition we have a BLACK MAX exhaust system that filters 13,000 CFT of air a minute and puts the dirt into a giant bag, much like a vacuum cleaner. Thereby reducing the dirt in the room. 

For pool demolition services see our sister company web site www.poolremoval.com. They will not only remove the entire pool but also decks and patios.
 For additional information or free estimates, please call our office and ask for Doug, or Al. They will be happy to help you. Or, you can e-mail us at Allpoolout@aol.com.
 We can provide you with a written quote based on information you provide on the telephone. If you are interested in proceeding we will visit your home and confirm the facts, if necessary.

N. J. Division of Consumer Affairs 1- 888-656-6225 License # 13 VH 00860300
Rockland Co. License # H 10175
Westchester Co. License #  WC-18110-H06